We CARE for the equipment after it has been delivered to our customers. Due to this we offer a range of tailored made customer care packages and regular after-sales training to our technical team who will be finding the faults faster and complete repairs, ensuring the maximum uptime.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Depending upon the duty cycle of the equipment, application & the site working conditions our trained engineers suggest for a visit based service contract. Our Company trained engineers will be planning and executing the planned schedule maintenance activity for our customers.

Annual Service Contracts (ASC): Suitable for Fleet Owners

Depending on the size of the fleet, duty cycle & the criticality of the application, we provide company trained manpower in the customer premise, in-order to maintain the entire fleet of equipments. This is how the entire maintenance activity can be off loaded to us.

In addition to this if any sudden breakdown occurs, you will have to contact our Service team on our dedicated line or on email. Service call will be immediately allotted to the nearby service engineer. Our field service engineers are regionally based in-order to minimize the service response time. All of our Service Engineers are well equipped with necessary tools to make your equipment operational.


After the rugged usage of your material handling equipment for 4-5 years or 6000 to 7000 running hours, we suggest a complete refurbishing / overhauling at our workshop. This activity includes complete dismantling of the equipment, thermo acidic cleaning of parts, repair & replacement of wear & tear assemblies, assembly as per principal guidelines, denting & painting etc.

The benefits for the customers:

  • Increased life of the equipment at an economic cost
  • Minimization of equipment breakdown time hence decrease in production losses
  • Savings on Capital expenditure in case of New equipment purchase
  • Conversion/ Modifications as per latest models
  • Improved look of the equipment which will suit the factory surroundings
  • Improved equipment safety conditions

We also provide an option of buyback of an old VOLTAS material handling equipment against a purchase of latest model. We can also provide you with used / refurbished equipments as per the need of the customer.


We propose the use of Genuine Spare parts during the repair and maintenance of the equipments. Use of genuine spare parts ensures the repair quality & reliability. Our dedicated Spare Parts professionals are responsible to make required spare part available as per the need of the customer from our available
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